Little Old Me

Welcome – I’ll just keep this short & sweet!

Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m from the wee country of Northern Ireland. Currently I’m studying  Journalism at Cardiff University and absolutely loving every minute of it! I love going out, socialising, holiday-ing, my family&friends, my pets, music, art, writing, reading and other little things which amuse me.

I decided to begin a blog as not only a means of improving my writing skills, but also as my own little thought diary where I can store some of my daily ponders. However having attempted the whole ‘blogging thing’ before, i really couldn’t get into the swing of things; i needed a niche.

It should have been an obvious option really. I’ve always had a thing about shoes; from light up trainers when I was younger, to my lovely collection of high heels today, I’ve always got rather excited at the prospect of a new pair of flats, heels, trainers or boots.  So I thought to myself, why not put all those hours of online browsing to good use and share this excitement with others…

And so Littlegoodytwoshoes was born, a place to rant and rave about shoes galore…I hope you enjoy!

All things nice,

Melissa xXx

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