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Little Wise Words

I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lotMarilyn Monroe

Got me thinking about 1950’s style shoes…

The quintessential pointy-toe, such as these beauties by Roger Vivier.

Working alongside Dior, Vivier also introduced the design of the stilletto – “thin, high heels reinforced with steel.” Soon they became the most popular women’s shoe of the 1950’s.

This little genuis went on to design a plethora of exciting shapes and designs, including the comma heel:

^ I love these! The colours are simply beautiful and elegant. I can’t help but compare these early designs and textures to that of today’s Irregular Choice collection where it seems they have been inspired by Viviers experimental and ‘stand-out’ style.

Saddles shoes were also a popular choice during the 1950’s . Often worn with bobby sox as shown above, these shoes made a statement about tastes, interests and lifestyle. Teamed with over-sized blazers and shirts the ‘preppy look’ emerged, and often still appears on catwalks today. Yes, im not gonna lie, the words ‘bowling shoe’ may come to mind, but I think they’re great. Chunky yet delightfully cute.

And finally how can we forget the beloved ballet pump. Mostly worn by teenage girls, the ballet pump was made popular by the beautiful style icon Audrey Hepburn. As a ballerina herself she was often captured wearing these flat shoes rather than the popular choice of a pointy-toed stilletto, and i love her for it.

Hmm the 1950’s…a great time for making feet look beautiful.

Many people out there still choosing the 1950’s option?? I sure hope so!